From the tropics to the Arctic, these are the adventures of the Costa Rican scientist Melania Guerra. 


About me:

Hello! I'm Melania Guerra, the Polar Tica (that's a nickname for a woman from Costa Rica) and I want to take you with me on a journey to the special extreme environments that exist at the ends of the planet... without you having to freeze!

How did I go from Costa Rica all the way to the poles? Thanks to Science! Through my work as an oceanographer, I have been lucky to join incredible expeditions around the world, as well as under the sea. However, my heart was especially captured by the most unfamiliar and opposite place to the tropics where I grew up: the Arctic!

After a decade of exploring the northern latitudes, this year I will have the exceptional opportunity to participate on a journey to the other extreme of the planet, the Seventh Continent, Antarctica, becoming one of only a handful of Costa Ricans that have had the privilege of doing science in both poles.

Through this page, I want to make you a part of the wonders at the edges of the planet, the science that explains our connection to them and the adventures I experience in a frozen world. #ToThePoles!

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The polar tica

I am Melania Guerra, the Polar Tica and I would like to take you with me on a journey to explore the unique environments that exist at the edge of the planet... without you having to freeze! Get to know more of my journey!



Do you know about the optical phenomena that happen at high latitudes? Today I will begin to tell you about some of them... The most popular phenomenon are the polar lights, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora.


One of the objectives of our expedition to Antarctica is precisely to elevate the visibility of women scientists. If it is true what they say that "seeing is believing", we want the world to stare in amazement at this group of 85 scientists exploring …

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